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Karastan Flooring in Eugene, OR

Are you searching for the ideal flooring solution for your home's bedrooms, living room, or home office? Explore our extensive Karastan flooring range at our Eugene, OR showroom. Our dedicated sales team is eager to engage with you, guiding you through the selection process to find the perfect carpet or hard surface style that suits your requirements. Renowned for their durability, comfort, artistry, and craftsmanship, Karastan carpets stand out as an excellent choice.


Choosing Karastan flooring from our showroom ensures you'll experience enduring style, durability, and comfort for many years to come. With a legacy dating back to 1982, the Karastan brand is synonymous with luxury carpets, stunning hardwood floors, and distinctive luxury vinyl styles that seamlessly blend classic and contemporary aesthetics. Moreover, Karastan is a brand widely recognized for its outstanding customer satisfaction ratings, adding an extra layer of assurance to your flooring investment.


Why Choose Karastan Carpets?

  • Versatility for Every Space: From the living room, dining room, and bedrooms to the home office, Karastan carpets seamlessly complement any interior décor style and accommodate various home renovation budgets.
  • Diverse Styles for Every Preference: Whether you seek a plush, neutral style for a versatile decorating canvas or a durable wool carpet in vibrant colors for children's rooms, our showroom offers a diverse range to match every project.
  • Unmatched Comfort with Quality: When it comes to comfort, Karastan carpets stand out for their unparalleled quality. Perfect for upgrading worn-out carpeting in a home office or transitioning from hardwood to carpet in the living room, our showroom features Karastan carpets that prioritize comfort and style.
  • Innovative SmartStrand Forever Clean Technology: Karastan utilizes the durable solution from their unique SmartStrand Forever Clean line to craft their renowned carpets. Engineered to withstand the toughest household messes from pets, this carpet combines long-lasting durability with built-in stain protection that remains effective over time, making it an ideal choice for the demands of a busy lifestyle.


Karastan beige, patterned carpet in mountain-side living room setting

Explore Karastan Hardwood & Luxury Vinyl Collections

At Karastan, the art of selecting wood flooring is a meticulous process, drawing inspiration from botanical varieties across the globe. The BelleLux hardwood collection, characterized by European oak and maple styles, embodies creative designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and enduring materials. With a diverse range of premium Karastan hardwood selections, you can dramatically transform your home’s interior design. Styles such as Herringbone, Villa Pointe, and Ashmore exemplify the richness and versatility offered.


The Karastan luxury vinyl series boasts a layered composition that not only resists water, scratches, and dents but also presents spectacular visuals and authentic wooden appearances. Drawing inspiration from refined forests, curated grains, and treasured groves, this wood-look flooring line captures the essence of natural beauty in every plank. Elevate your space with the enduring appeal and resilience of Karastan hardwood and luxury vinyl selections.


Karastan Hardwood flooring in rustic bedroom setting featuring white-painted brick walls, exposed wood beams, and open French doors


Book Installation with Our Expert Team

When it's time to bring your renovation or remodeling project to life, our dedicated and knowledgeable sales and design experts are here to guide you. After choosing your preferred carpet, use our expert installation services to ensure your new investment is well-protected. Here's why you should schedule installation with our skilled professionals:

  • Competitive Karastan Carpet Prices: Benefit from low prices on Karastan carpets and enjoy the added value of professional installation.
  • Comprehensive Flooring Solutions: Beyond carpets, we offer expert installation services for luxury vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and custom area rugs.
  • Peace of Mind with Warranty: Our great warranty program covers carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and custom area rugs, providing assurance for your entire flooring investment.
  • Expert Handling of Carpet Installation: Leave the task of carpet installation to our professionals, who will skillfully remove old flooring, prepare the subfloor, and install your new carpets for long-lasting beauty and performance.

Visit our flooring showroom today to choose your new flooring and seamlessly schedule professional installation, ensuring a hassle-free and successful space transformation.


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